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Commercial Roofing Services


Commercial Roofing Services

Shingle Hut Roofing Commerical Roof Replacement

Whether you are a business, HOA, Church, multi-family home, apartment complex or building manager with a shingled or metal roof, we are ready to serve you as one of Houston’s top certified Owens Corning PLATINUM PREFERRED installers. We are a Cypress, Texas owned and operated company with an A+ BBB rating.

We can assist you with:

  • Inspections and Maintenance
  • Storm Damage Insurance Claim Recovery
  • Commercial roof repairs
  • Improper sealing of pipe jacks
  • Roof Installation

Whether you need a small or large commercial roofing job or repair completed, the first step is finding a highly qualified roofing contractor. Shingle Hut Roofing specializes in asphalt shingle roofs for commercial properties. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We are a Owens Corning PLATINUM PREFERRED installer and can offer the CertainTeed Roofing line of commercial roofing products.

The roof on your property is a significant investment. Shingle Hut Roofing is ready to serve you. If you need us to evaluate your roof, we have professional inspectors ready to come out. If you have storm damage, we are ready to support you in your claim process. If you need to replace your existing roof, we will give you a fair price and great value.

Call Shingle Hut Roofing and let us discuss your needs. For more information call at 832-324-3484.

Choosing The Right Roofing System

Choosing a roof can be a stressful and confusing experience for anyone in the commercial industry. With our full line of top-quality roofing products, industry-leading guarantees, and expert tools and resources, Shingle Hut Roofing makes it easy for you to select the right roofing solution for your needs. This is why property managers in Northwest Houston trust Shingle Hut Roofing to help them make their best and safest roofing choice.

Multi-Family Homes, Churches, Businesses & HOA’s

If you are a property manager, Shingle Hut Roofing has roofing solutions and warranty options for you. We install CertainTeed’s wide breadth of roofing materials and accessories for your building needs.


Choosing Shingle Hut Roofing means not only installing high-performing products, but it, also, means having the ability to protect your roof with great guarantee coverage. Shingle Hut Roofing offers maintenance and guarantee options that are tailored to your property’s needs.


Regular roof maintenance is a responsibility of ownership and an integral part of extending the life of your building’s roof. If you don’t perform roof maintenance on an ongoing basis, you are putting your property at risk of damage from leaks—not to mention taking the chance that your guarantee coverage will be jeopardized. Shingle Hut Roofing can help safeguard your property. This incorporates a very extensive annual inspection to review the condition of your roof. Shingle Hut Roofing will perform (or arrange for) the following vital services for your roof:

  • Conduct a yearly inspection
  • Communicate the roof’s needs to you
  • Make maintenance repairs as necessary
  • Provide documentation to you that the repairs have been made

Call Shingle Hut Roofing and let us discuss your needs. For more information call at 832-324-3484.