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Roofing Scams: Beware

Are you a victim of a bad roofing job?

Watch out for these roofing scams

We’ve gotten calls from customers who have been completely taken advantage of by dishonorable roofers who bid the lowest price and then do sloppy work, swap out for cheaper materials – or worse – don’t even do the work they agreed to.

You can protect your biggest investment – your home – by following these steps:

  • Don’t pay for a roofing job up front! If a roofing company asks you to pay before the work is complete – consider choosing a different roofing company.
  • Hire a locally owned and established roofing company. Watch out for storm-chasing, fly-by-night roofing companies that pop up after severe weather strikes in your area. Hire a roofing company that has a good reputation —- in your local market —- and comes highly recommended —-by your friends and neighbors.
  • You get what you pay for. A roof quote you received is far more attractive as the price is way lower than all the rest. Unfortunately you will learn the hard way that the old adage is true: you get what you pay for. Make sure to compare “apples to apples” on any roofing bid you receive.

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