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Understanding the Insurance Claim Process for Roofs

Understanding the Insurance Claim Process for Roofs

1. Shingle Hut Complete Roofing Services can perform a FREE roof inspection to determine if your roof has storm damage that can assist in filing an insurance claim.

a. IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot have your policy canceled or premium increased because you file an act of God related claim.

2. If your roof has enough damage, we will sign a conditional work agreement which grants permission to Shingle Hut Complete Roofing Services to perform the roof work if your insurance claim is approved. However, if there is no insurance claim approval, then there is no obligation for us to perform the work. Your out of pocket costs are limited to your insurance deductible plus any upgrades you choose for your roofing materials.

3. Shingle Hut Complete Roofing Services will verify the type of insurance coverage you have and amount of deductible as per your policy declaration page.

4. As the homeowner, you will be responsible for submitting your insurance claim to your insurance company – with our expert guidance.

5. Please coordinate with your Shingle Hut project manager to be present when your insurance adjuster comes out to inspect your roof. We will be there to represent any damage and assist them.

a. If your claim is approved, you will receive the first (Net Claim) check from your insurance company. If you have a mortgage, your check will be made out to you and your lender. Both parties must endorse the check.

b. If your claim is denied, we can schedule a second inspection to get approved. Many claims are approved at this point. If you are still not approved, we will provide you with information about the legal process and refer you to an attorney who specializes in storm damage.

6. After your first check arrives, we will collect your first check as well as your deductible.

7. Your work will be scheduled, and material delivered. Your roof replacement will normally be completed within two days.

8. Your insurance company will send a second check to complete payment if you have a Replacement Cost Value policy (RCV). If you have an Actual Cash Value (ACV) policy, then, your depreciation is not covered, and you will not get a second or depreciation check. In this case, you will be responsible for paying the depreciation amount of your claim.

9. In many cases you will receive an additional Supplement Check from your insurance company. This check is for work Shingle Hut Complete Roofing Services completed but was not included in the original insurance company’s Statement of Work. The Supplement check will need to be paid to Shingle Hut Complete Roofing before the roof warranty can be issued.

10. Roof warranties are issued for all roofing services completed by Shingle Hut Complete Roofing Services that are paid for in full

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